Caterpillar delivers the best products and services in the world, but that alone is not enough to ensure our success. The actions taken by governments around the world can have a significant impact – both positive and negative – on Caterpillar, our employees, our partners and our customers. We advocate for policies, agreements, legislation and regulations that enable us to help our customers build a better world. Our global teams focus on appropriate issues, when it is constructive under the applicable political system, in a manner consistent with all governing laws and Our Values in Action.

More information on Caterpillar’s political engagement can be found on caterpillar.com.



Utilizing an engaged workforce, while demonstrating our Values in Action and commitment to free market principles, we will proactively advance Caterpillar’s position with the relevant government and non-government institutions by:

  1. Working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders in identifying public policy and commercial issues of critical importance to Caterpillar;
  2. Building and utilizing Caterpillar’s brand image, political capital and presence as a premiere U.S.manufacturing company to obtain favorable policy and commercial results; and
  3. Maintaining disciplined cost-control while retaining our traditional value proposition.